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The center of the services provided is focused on supporting your technology. With a 24/7 response, large array of supported technologies and two decades of investigative troubleshooting experience, you’re in good hands. The service is completely customized to your needs. You will not be charged hidden fees, phone or email support. Once you’re under my wing, your best interest is always on my mind.


One of the best choices you can make for your technology is regular maintenance. Just like a car or your health, it’s always best to avoid the problem altogether. With regular maintenance tailored to your exact needs, you will not only save money in the long run but greatly improve efficiency and see a great return on your investment.


I’m not here to scare you but we’ve all heard disastrous stories by now. Mostly due to negligence however, there are simple, economical steps we can take together to protect your business and your technology. It isn’t rocket science; it’s rather elementary. A simple security audit can reveal your current weaknesses and from that we can devise a plan to bring your technology to a safe state. Please don’t wait until it’s too late.


Ah yes, anyone these days can go out and acquire great technology for all aspects of one’s business. And it may seem simple to make all things integrate. You may even be told it’s as easy as pressing a button. But despite incredible advancements in today’s technology industry building homogenous networks that are manageable and efficient not to mention cost effective and secure requires experience. More now than ever. There are no cookie cutter approaches to business any more than there are for technology or anything else for that matter. Working as a team, we can ensure the right technology is in place so it is manageable, cost effective and efficient. And most importantly, simple.

Disaster Prevention & Recovery

There’s nothing quite like the feeling of a good plan B. “B” for backup. Most companies have a backup plan to some degree. However, most don’t revisit the strategy for large periods of time if at all. Others, didn’t employ the assistance of an expert. Whatever it may be, a true disaster recovery is one that has many levels (at least three), is fault tolerant in all ways that suits the company’s needs and is tested and monitored regularly. If this seems overzealous think again, Murphy’s law hits when you least expect it. And usually, at your busiest time. I can ensure when it does happen, there are no proverbial pieces to pick up, just invoke the plan and keep working.  Now that’s a good feeling.


Whether you migrate from a program or a location, proper planning and testing can lay the foundation for a successful change. Since evolution implies change, there should be as little resistance to this as possible. In technology, small changes are taken for granted and often with little to no planning. Likewise, large-scale changes are avoided despite the need and advantages. This is counterproductive to say the least. Why not make the adjustments that make the change possible? Because of fear. My diverse knowledge and experience counters these fears. Working as a team we can move your office or get you out of that proprietary software that no longer suits your business.


The infrastructure of your network is in many ways the heart of your business. Building it right from the beginning can be crucial to your success. Downtime, poor performance & unsafe networks are but a few symptoms of a makeshift network.  New or existing, I can plot the digital skeleton that best suits your company.